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Ignition - Sam, Artie, Puck, Mike, Rory - Sam/Artie, Mike/Tina, PG-13, 1 chapter, wip.

Seasons of Love - Blaine/Finn/Rachel/Kurt in every combination, NC-17, 7 chapters, complete.

Turn a Bright Spark Into a Flame - Blaine/Sam, R, one-shot, complete.

Dark Blue (Half Past the Point of Oblivion) - Quinn/Santana, NC-17, one-shot, complete.

Drabble Advent Calendar (tumblr tag) - containing various drabbles written between Dec 1st-25th 2012)
      Pairings: Klinnchel, Puckbastian, Blainchel, Kinn, Artbastian, Sinn, Brinn, Faberry, Blartie, Artchel, Bram, Finchel, Klaine, Tike, Sebtana, Seblaine, Blam, Pinn, Partie, Suck, Sartie, Quartie, Blinn, Hummelberry

In Bridges He Burned - Puck/Sebastian, NC-17, one-shot, complete.

Let Me Blow Your Mind - Blaine/Sebastian, NC-17, one-shot, complete.

Let Me Jump In Your Game - Finn/Kurt, NC-17, one-shot, complete.

Warmth - Finn/Kurt, NC-17, 6 chapters, complete.

Chocolate Mousse - Finn/Kurt, PG-13, one-shot, complete.

Now And Then I Call Your Name - Voyeur!Finn, established Kurt/Blaine, R, one-shot, complete. PART OF CRAZY GAME VERSE.

Blame It On The Girls - Blaine/Kurt, PG-13, one-shot, complete.

Sleigh Ride - Blaine/Kurt, PG-13, 7 chapters, work in progress (abandoned).

The Spy Who Loved Me - Blaine/Kurt, PG-13, one-shot, complete.

Just What I Need - Blaine/Finn, NC-17, 5 chapters, complete.

Art - Blaine/Finn, PG-13, drabble, complete.

Caught in a Bad Romance - Artie/Kurt, NC-17, 2 chapters, complete.

Music - Artie/Kurt, R, drabble, complete.

Come Closer (And I Just Can't Pull Myself Away) - Finn/Mike, PG, 1 chapter, work in progress.

Blanket - Mike/Sam, PG, drabble, complete.

Island in the Sun - Artie/Mike, PG, drabble, complete.

Run Deep, Run Wild - Kurt/Sam, PG-13, drabble, complete.

Big Wheel (Keep On Turning) - Artie/Blaine, PG, drabble, complete.

When Passion's a Prison - Karofsky centric, R, one-shot, complete.

Dix faits divers au sujet de Ginny Weasley - Ginny/Seamus, PG, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

Not For You - Colin/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot, complete.

Dix faits divers au sujet de Neville Longbottom - Hannah/Neville, PG, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

Le futur Charlie Weasley - Oliver, Charlie, G, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

Première neige - Ginny/Seamus, G, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

Soupçon de vanille - Dean/Seamus, PG, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

L'amour, en douze versements mensuels - Hermione/Ron, G, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.

En cent - Hermione/Ron, PG-13, one-shot, complete. FRENCH.


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