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Title: Seasons of Love
Pairing: Every combination of Kurt/Rachel/Finn/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Kurt and Rachel moved together in NYC, leaving Blaine and Finn, their boyfriends, in Lima. Four really close friends, so close that anything could happen.

This chapter: Chapter 3, July
Pairing: Finn/Rachel; Kurt/Blaine (mention of Kurt/Rachel and Finn/Blaine)
Warning: angst, angsty sex
Words: 1994

Chapter One | Chapter Two

Rachel was putting on her earrings in the bathroom and sighed happily. Blaine had graduated at last, which meant that Finn and he had moved in with Rachel and Kurt. They didn’t start college until September, but they moved in June, because they wanted to spend the summer all together, and because Finn and Blaine wanted to find jobs before school started.

They had finished unpacking the day before and the four of them were going on a double date to celebrate. With one last glance at the mirror, Rachel deemed her outfit perfect and she joined the boys waiting for her in the living room. When she entered, Finn stood up and stared at her in admiration.

“You look beautiful,” he said, pulling her closer to kiss her cheek.

“Gorgeous,” Blaine added, nodding in approval.

“Your style has indeed improved a lot since you’ve started listening to my advice,” Kurt said, but Rachel noticed that, as hard as he tried to hide it, he looked at her as if she was the only one in the room.

She grabbed her purse and walked to the door.

“Shall we go?”

The boys stopped looking at her in awe and followed her out of the apartment. Rachel chuckled to herself. Despite everything else, living with three guys was sure great for her ego.

They walked a few blocks to a little Italian restaurant Kurt and Rachel loved. There was a gorgeous terrace in the back, which was great as the night was really warm.

They sat down and ordered. As they waited for their food, Finn smiled and lifted his glass for a toast.

“I just wanna say that I'm so glad to finally be here, in New York, with all of you. My best bro,” he grinned at Blaine in front of him, “my awesome brother,” he warmly looked at Kurt, “and the most beautiful and amazing girl ever,” he finished, taking Rachel's hand in his own and kissing it softly.

“I missed you guys so much,” Blaine added.

“Welcome to New York.” Kurt raised his glass as well and they all clinked their glasses together.

Rachel was feeling perfectly happy. She was finally reunited with all her boys, who were her favorite people in the world - even more than Patty Lupone – and, most importantly, she was with her boyfriend at last. They knew that being apart wasn't going to be easy, but they made it work, and now they were together at last, enjoying a beautiful night and a delicious meal.

After dinner, they decided to go take a stroll to show Finn and Blaine their favorite places to hang out, the restaurant where Rachel waitressed, and the boutique where Kurt worked. They were walking slowly, enjoying the warm night and each other's presence, when Finn stopped in its tracks and turned to Rachel.

“Do you recognize this corner?”

Rachel looked around, trying to see if she remembered the place.

“This is where the guys in glee club serenaded you for me, two years ago.”

Rachel laughed as a wave of memories hit her.

“Where did Puck find an accordion, anyway?”

Finn laughed. “And he knew how to play!”

Their laughter died down, and Finn leaned in slowly until their lips touched. The kiss felt so good; it was beautiful and really romantic. They were together at last, but Rachel couldn't get rid of that nagging feeling in the back of her mind.

A nagging feeling that had been there for a few months now, but that she had learned to ignore. It chose this moment to come back, and as hard as she tried to forget it and enjoy the kiss, it still was there, telling her that there was something amiss.

They joined Blaine and Kurt who, busy catching up for the lost time, hadn't noticed Finn and Rachel had stopped. The four of them realized that they had walked back to their apartment building. They climbed up the stairs in silence, because it was quite late. Finn followed Rachel to their room and closed the door behind them.

This was it. They had been so exhausted with the move that every night since Finn got there, they had passed out as soon as they went to bed. They hadn't had sex in months, and as much as she was looking forward to it, Rachel was really nervous about it, and she didn't know why. Finn pulled her closer and kissed her softly, slowly unzipping her dress. He let out a huffed breath as he stared at her.

“I’d forgotten how beautiful you are,” he whispered.

Rachel kissed him again, almost shyly, and she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, letting her hands graze his skin as she pushed it off his shoulders. She slowly caressed him, rediscovering his skin and realizing that these months apart had made her forget the shapes and textures of his muscular body. She also realized that for quite some time, her mind had been reeling with memories of soft snowy skin and long lithe limbs.

She shook these thoughts away and went back to giving Finn the attention he deserved, but he was staring at her with a strange look. He looked as if he didn't quite see her there, his hands buried in her hair as if he was searching for something else. She took a deep breath and kissed him again. Her hands lingered awkwardly over his hips, as if their bodies didn't know how to be with each other anymore. She figured it must be normal, after all, they had been apart for so long, they just had to get used to each other again.

But that nagging feeling at the back of her mind kept suggesting that maybe this was awkward because she couldn't get someone else out of her mind - out of her heart.

And the way Finn held onto her shoulders, seemingly avoiding her breasts, hinted that he was maybe as confused with her body that she was with his.

They moved to the bed mechanically, slipping under the covers almost as if they wanted to hide – from themselves, or the other, or the world, Rachel didn't know. Finn made love to her slowly, lying on top of her with his face buried in the pillow next to her head. She felt saddened yet grateful for the lack of eye-contact.

It felt like an eternity, yet it couldn't have been more than five minutes. Rachel suspected that even with his “mailman problem”, Finn had faked an orgasm: his body stayed perfectly still when he came, instead of trembling all over like he used to do. He also stood up really quickly after it to go throw away the – presumably empty – condom away.

Rachel kissed him on the cheek when he came back to bed, before turning her back to him so he couldn't see the tears running silently down her cheeks.


Blaine watched as Finn closed the door to his and Rachel's room behind him. He felt his heart break a little, like it did every time Finn talked about Rachel or acted as if nothing ever happened between Blaine and him.

Blaine knew they had agreed to forget what had happened between them. He knew that he really should do it, but there had definitely been something between Finn and him - more than just sex – and trying to forget about it almost hurt as much as remembering it.

He couldn't do anything about it, though. He didn't want to jeopardize Finn and Rachel's relationship, and he couldn't bear the thought of hurting Kurt. He still loved Kurt, and wanted to do everything he could to protect their relationship. He resolved to keep these feelings for himself, no matter how badly his heart broke every time he saw Finn.

He followed Kurt into their room and closed the door behind them. They stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, unsaid things like a shield between them and neither of them could move. Blaine opened his eyes he didn't realize he had closed, and tried to forget these strong, muscular arms and clumsy legs. He tried to focus on the beautiful man standing in front of him, anxiously waiting to finally be together for the first time in months.

They took off their shirts, because anything seemed easier than taking that one step and actually touching each other. Blaine's breath caught in his throat. The skin and muscles in front of him were lean and pale, so different from the ones in Blaine's mind, who couldn't quite wrap his head around what he was seeing.

Blaine felt Kurt's eyes linger on his body, his stare stilling somewhere mid-Blaine's chest, with a wistful expression on his face that Blaine couldn't really understand. Kurt, actually, looked like Blaine felt: like he was missing something, like Blaine's body wasn't quite what he needed.

It was all over in a second, though, and Kurt pulled him closer to kiss him, making Blaine think that he might have imagined it. Kurt's skin was hot under Blaine's fingers, almost burning, keeping Blaine from holding him for too long. Blaine let his fingers run all over Kurt's body, rediscovering it without getting burned.

And suddenly Kurt shivered and his skin felt colder under Blaine's touch. Blaine was confused; touching Kurt felt strange, unnatural, and he didn't know what he wanted anymore. He knew he wanted to make Kurt happy, though, so he climbed on the bed undoing his belt and tossing his pants on the floor.

Kurt approached slowly, shedding his pants too, and stood next to the bed. His fingers grazed Blaine's chest, teasing his nipples, but the touch felt more like he was looking for something that wasn't there than if he was trying to turn Blaine on. Despite this and the strangeness of the situation, Blaine felt himself becoming harder; his nipples had always been a very erogenous zone.

He pulled Kurt on top of him and they kissed distractedly. Blaine was turned on, but it was a weird feeling. His body needed some release – he was aroused physically – but his mind was completely detached from it. He decided to go for it, as he could feel Kurt's hardness against his own. Blaine's hips bucked up into Kurt's crotch and the contact made both of them moan. Kurt fronded down, meeting Blaine's thrusts, until it all became way too much but still not enough.

“Need you,” Kurt grunted, tugging his briefs down.

Blaine imitated him as Kurt found lube and a condom in his bedside table. Kurt slicked two of his fingers and Blaine's legs spread of their own accord. Kurt shifted to his knees and brought his hand to his own entrance to prepare himself.


Blaine suddenly remembered that Kurt usually bottomed, and he was hit with an overwhelming wave of Finn. His mind was filled with images of Finn taking him, hard, filling him completely. He was overcome with a heavy feeling of emptiness, and he wanted to run away.

“Blaine?” Kurt's worried voice interrupted his internal crisis.

Blaine saw that Kurt was now lying next to him and that he was done stretching himself. He took a deep breath and put on the condom, wanting to get this over with. He lay on top of Kurt and kept his eyes on the headboard above Kurt's head while he penetrated him. He couldn't bear to look at the worried and disappointed expression on his face.

Luckily, it was over pretty soon: Kurt was stroking his own cock all the way through it. As he climaxed, he clenched around Blaine, which sent him over the edge. Blaine slipped out carefully and made his way to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and sank to the floor. He stayed like this for the longest time, only coming out when he was certain Kurt was asleep.

Chapter Four
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