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Title: Seasons of Love
Pairing: Every combination of Kurt/Rachel/Finn/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Kurt and Rachel moved together in NYC, leaving Blaine and Finn, their boyfriends, in Lima. Four really close friends, so close that anything could happen.

This chapter: Chapter 7, November
Pairing: Blaine/Finn; Kurt/Rachel; mention of Finn/Rachel
Words: 1754

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

"We need to talk."

Finn and Rachel had the apartment to themselves. Finn was watching a game while Rachel was in their room, practicing a new solo. She came into the living room and everything from these last months, all the pain and sadness, Finn knew it all came down to this. These four little words. Finn switched the TV off and waited as she took place in the armchair in front of him. Rachel took a deep breath before starting to talk and Finn thought he would burst if he had to wait any longer.

"Finn," she finally said, "I have a confession to make."

Finn sat up and listened more intently. He had thought she just wanted to talk about how badly they had screwed up their relationship, but apparently she had more to say.

"Last year, when you were in Lima, I slept with someone. I – I didn't tell you because it was just one time, and I thought it didn't mean anything, but – “ Rachel's voice broke and she looked away. Finn didn't know what to do; what are you supposed to do when your girlfriend has a breakdown while she admits she cheated on you?

She finally managed to compose herself.

"But the truth is, I fell in love."

Finn didn't have to ask the burning question: she took one look at him and answered. Finn remembered wistfully how well she knew him and how she could always guess what he wanted to say.

"It – it’s Kurt," she answered, finally looking at him.

"But he's – “ Finn stopped himself, remembering a time when he, too, questioned his sexuality.

"Finn, you and I can't pretend anymore."

"Are you breaking up with me?"

Even though he knew she was right, these were the hardest words he had ever had to say.

"Finn, we're not happy together."

Finn knew it was true. But still, it hurt to realize it had came to an end: his relationship with Rachel had defined who he was for so long. For five years, she had always been the one he would come running back to. He couldn't let that end like this.

"I came to New York just for you," he said. "You're the only thing for me here..."

"I don't think that's true."

"What do you mean?"


Finn couldn't speak. He just looked away, unable to meet Rachel's eye.

"Kurt told me," she finally said.

She got up and left, looking back as she opened the door.

"He loves you." Rachel closed the door behind her.

Finn stayed like this for hours. He couldn't move. He could barely process what was happening.
The door had just been closed on the love of his life – or so he had thought. Rachel and he had broken up several times, but he always knew, deep down, that they would end up together again.
For the first time, this one certainty that had kept him going for so long was gone, shattered. He knew it was truly over, now. There was no way they could ever fix this.

He managed to drag himself to the kitchen to get a beer. He stood in front of the open fridge for several minutes before closing it. Beer wouldn't cut it. He needed something stronger. He opened a cupboard and found an oversized bottle of Jack that Puck had given him when he left Lima. He let himself slide down against the fridge and sat down, opening the bottle.

The first three swigs burnt like hell down his throat, but he kept going. He enjoyed the sharp taste, distracting him from what he felt and slightly numbing him. He drank again and again, each tip of the bottle another shattered dream.

Rachel – he took a big gulp.

New York – another.

Blaine – he almost dropped the bottle because he was hallucinating.

Blaine was standing right in front of him, in the kitchen door frame. He dropped to his knees right in front of Finn and spoke, but Finn couldn't make out the words above the sound of his own heartbeat in his head. He reached out to know if Blaine was really there or if the whiskey somehow made him hallucinate.

His hand met Blaine's, who took it and held tight, reassuring Finn. The long-awaited touch stung Finn, who suddenly remembered months of repressed feelings.

"I tried so hard to forget," he slurred. "I thought it would mess everything up."

"I know," Blaine soothed. "It's okay."

Blaine was stroking his shoulder and Finn remembered what Rachel had said about Blaine loving him. At the back of his drunken, hazy mind, he realized that maybe he could love him back if he allowed himself to feel again.

He felt Blaine trying to pull him up, and Finn managed with great difficulty to get to his feet. Everything around him was spinning, and he couldn't even tell the floor from the ceiling. Blaine helped him walk as well as he could despite the height difference, and they somehow managed to make their way to Blaine's room. Finn face-planted on the bed. He felt Blaine snuggling next to him and pulling the covers over the two of them.


Finn woke up the next morning with a head ready to explode and a heart fighting to stay afloat of too many feelings. He had trouble remembering all that had happened. He definitely remembered Rachel leaving, his heart breaking, a huge bottle of Jack, and something that felt, strangely, just like falling in love.

He was really confused about that last part until he felt someone move on his right. He sat up in the bed and pushed the covers. Blaine was waking up, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Morning," he said softly.

Finn was freaking out. Rachel had just broken up with him and he was already in Blaine's bed?

"Did we – ?” he asked, afraid of the answer even though they were both fully clothed.

Blaine chuckled. "Of course not. You were so wasted, I just took care of you and put you to bed."

Finn let out a relieved sigh.

"We may have cuddled, though," Blaine added with a little smile. "Come, I'll make some coffee," he said, getting up.

"Is Rachel here?"

"Kurt took her out to cheer her up and he swore he'd keep her out of the apartment so I could do the same for you."

The mention of Kurt reminded Finn of the reason why Rachel had dumped him.

"Are they – are they together now?"

"I don't think so – maybe. But I think it's working out for the best."

"Yeah, they'd be perfect together," Finn begrudgingly admitted.

"I wasn't talking about them."

Finn's eyes widened.

"I tried, but I never managed to get over you. Probably because I didn't want to forget you."

Finn was sitting straight in the bed now, trying to face repressed feelings that had only ever resurfaced in some drunken lonely nights.

"The truth is, I'm in love with you, Finn."

Finn got up and pulled Blaine into a hug.

"I think I'm in love with you too."

Blaine pulled him closer, smiling with his eyes closed.

"Come on, I could really use a cup of coffee," Blaine finally said, pulling away.

Maybe this really could work out.


Kurt, Rachel, Blaine and Finn were all together in the kitchen for the first time in weeks.
They were done avoiding each other, and quite frankly, they were all a bit scared of Kurt who had put his foot down, screaming that they were "all gonna have Thanksgiving dinner together, goddammit!"

Kurt put the last dish on the table and sat down with the others. He raised his glass.

"Thank you for all being here tonight. To our family!"

They all raised their glasses with him.

"A quite dysfunctional family, I have to say," Rachel added.

Blaine chuckled and Finn looked at him fondly.

"We really have to talk, haven't we?"

The others all seemed relieved that Finn brought up the subject.

"Listen," Kurt began. "We can't deny it: Rachel and I love each other, and you guys know it. And we know about you two."

"He's right," Blaine agreed. "We have to stop trying to avoid hurting each other's feelings by hiding the truth."

Rachel nodded. "The only way this is gonna work is if we're all honest with each other. The truth is, Kurt and I are in love and we want to be together."

"It would mean a lot to us to know you're okay with it," Kurt added.

"Absolutely," Blaine said, grinning. "You guys are perfect for each other."

They all looked at Finn, who was hesitant. It was all so new to him; the pain from the breakup was still fresh. He looked at them: Kurt and Rachel were holding hands under the table, anxiously waiting for his answer; they both looked happier than he had ever seen them. Blaine was looking at him too, and something in his eyes made Finn realize that they had a shot at being this happy together, too.

"Totally. You guys are like soul mates, or something," he said with a little smile.

"Oh thank god," Kurt let out a relieved sigh and pulled Rachel into a hug.


Finn was doing the dishes while the others finished eating dessert. Blaine walked into the kitchen and started helping him. They worked in silence, and it was a bit awkward, but it has been months since they had been alone together, and Finn really missed Blaine.

"So," Blaine finally spoke. "What does this mean for us?"

"Well, I think they pretty much gave us their blessing..."

"Are you kidding? As soon as I told Kurt he told Rachel and they've been working to get us together ever since!" Blaine said with a chuckle.

Finn smiled softly.

"Well, I guess we can try to see where this is going... I'm still really confused and hurt, you know, because of the breakup, but you make me happy, dude."

Blaine stood on his tiptoes and Finn leaned down. Their lips met and it felt like home. Finn wondered why it took them so long to do this; it felt like it could have solved everything way sooner.
He pulled Blaine closer, and if Blaine minded getting water and foam on his shirt, he didn't say a thing.


It had all been unpredictable. But it turned out all right in the end. They'd have the time of their lives.

I also wrote a spin-off to this fic, following the same time-line, but centered around Puck/Sebastian called In Bridges He Burned.

Date: 2013-01-06 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] livvikins.livejournal.com
I really enjoyed this story. I never read a story that had these unconventional pairings but in the end it did work out!

Great work!

Date: 2013-01-07 12:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] poire-gourmande.livejournal.com
Thanks! I'm glad you read it although these aren't your usual pairings!


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