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Title: Your Day
Pairing: Kurt/Rachel
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Kurt planned a fabulous day for his favorite birthday girl.
Words: 455

Note: Today is my dear Tiffany's birthday, and this is her gift! I love you, sweetie, I miss you so much, and this is basically everything I wish we could do for your birthday. <3


Rachel just finished dressing up when she heard a knock at the door. The first thing she saw when she opened it was a huge bouquet of tulips. Tulips were her favorite flower, but no one knew that. Everyone always offered her roses. No one knew but –


Kurt handed her the bouquet with a huge grin.

“Happy birthday sweetie!”

“That's why you weren't here this morning!” She laughed and smelled the flowers. “Kurt, they are gorgeous!”

“So are you,” he said with a peck on her cheek.

She giggled and hugged him.

“So, today is your day,” he said with a mischievous grin. “I made fabulous plans, if I do say so myself.”

“Kurt, you're crazy, you didn’t have to!”

“You're worth it. First, homemade pancakes for breakfast, with mimosas,” he said, taking a champagne bottle out of the fridge.

The pancakes were delicious, as only Kurt could make them. After breakfast, Kurt and Rachel took the subway to Manhattan, where they took a nice morning walk in Central Park. They stopped by a fountain – their fountain, as they liked to call it – and reminisced about old times.

For lunch, he brought her to an English tea parlor she had always wanted to try. They spent the afternoon getting pampered at a spa before going to Sardi's for dinner. After dessert, Kurt pulled an envelope from his pocket.

“Guess where I'm taking you now?” he teased with an excited smile.

“Are those tickets for a play?” she asked, bouncing in her seat.

He opened the envelope slowly, building up the suspense.

“None other than...”

“Wicked!” she screamed when he showed her the tickets. “Oh my god, Kurt, this is perfect! I always felt this play was intricately linked to our relationship, I mean, I can't listen to For Good now without thinking of you, so –“

“Rachel, you're rambling. A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed,” he remarked, but inside, he was just as excited as she was.

He paid for dinner, and they were so exhilarated they almost ran all the way to the Gershwin Theater.
She held his hand tightly throughout the play, and they both sobbed silently during Defying Gravity and For Good.

After the play, they walked slowly to the subway station and took a train back home. Rachel kept her hold on Kurt's hand and they both felt happier than they had felt in a long time.

When they got home, they changed into their pajamas. Kurt opened a bottle of rosé wine and they talked all night, cuddling under a blanket.

“Thanks,” Rachel whispered as she slowly fell asleep in his arms.

“I love you, birthday girl,” Kurt softly answered, kissing the top of her head.

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