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Title: Rien Ne Va Plus
Pairings: Blaine/Sam, Jake/Ryder, Puck/Artie
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Puck notices Blaine and Sam like each other, and what better way to make them acknowledge it than to throw a strip poker bro night? And if things get heated for the other guys as well, all the better.
Words: 2782

Notes: Written for a prompt by an anon at blamprompts: Puck can see Blaine likes Sam (EVERYONE can see it, even Sam) but what no one sees is that Sam likes Blaine back, even Sam. So Puck decides to meddle, in his own way. In Pucklogic that means a game of strip poker with his boys. Puck, Jake, Ryder, Sam and Blaine have a night of cards, cigars and shots of tequila. Unfortunately Sam and Blaine are comfortable around each other naked. So Puck starts to up the ante, raises the stakes, calls their bluff…with rather interesting results for EVERYONE.
I added Artie even if he wasn’t in the prompt because poor Puck felt lonely.
This doesn’t acknowledge the whole Puck/Finn college dorm thing, Puck has his own apartment.

Faites vos jeux )
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Title: Danger Zone
Pairing: Blaine/Sam
Rating: R
Synopsis: Five times Sam gets a boner because of Blaine, and one time he does something about it.
Words: 1539

Sam’s just came back to Ohio to help out his old glee club friends, and he already has to fight to get his ideas heard. That new guy, Blaine, is totally judging him because of course, everyone in the club knows he used to “sell his body”. And apparently, body rolls are totally trashy and won’t work to win the judges over, even though Sam can see Blaine’s eyes trailing down to his dick every time Sam does a demonstration.

Begging you to touch and go )
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Title: Blue (Balls) Since the Day We Parted
Pairing: Blaine/Sam
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Blaine calls Sam at a very inappropriate time…
Words: 654

There's a fire within my soul )
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Title: Turn a Bright Spark Into a Flame
Pairing: Blam
Rating: R
Synopsis: It all started with way too many hugs. Sam loves hugging Blaine, or maybe he just loves Blaine?
Words: 1702

Hugging Blaine had become a common occurrence in Sam’s life - they hugged when one of them was upset, to celebrate victories, after a great performance in glee club, etc. They had even invented a new super secret handshake which started with a high five and ended with a hug.
Cuddle up baby, move in tight )
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Title: Ignition
Characters: Sam, Artie, Puck, Mike, Rory
Rating: PG-13 for now
Synopsis: Sam and Artie start a boy band. They ask Puck, Mike, and Rory to join, and they are on their way to stardom.

This chapter: Chapter 1/? - The Call
Pairing: Slight Sam/Artie
Words: 2,438

Note: This is for my friend Elsa, who got the idea of a boy band fic months ago.

Ignition )
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Title: Run Deep, Run Wild
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Sam, established Blaine/Kurt
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Summer in New York, painting, the atmophere is electrifying.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.

Notes: Fic title is from I Follow Rivers

Written for Tiffany, for her prompt "Kurt/Sam, paint".

Run Deep, Run Wild )
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Those are all answers to Tiff's prompts.

Title: Blanket
Pairing: Mike/Sam
Rating: PG
Sequel to Tiff's fic Best Friends

Blanket )

Title: Music
Pairing: Artie/Kurt
Rating: R

Music )

Title: Art
Pairing: Blaine/Finn
Rating: PG-13

Art )


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