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So I had no time at all to check my f-list this weekend, I barely had time to go on tumblr and catching up was a bitch, I had to go back like 47 pages at least. I'm gonna catch up with LJ tomorrow, after I do my latin homework. Seriously, I'm like the opposite of normal human beings, I'm never looking forward to the weekend, weekend :P, I'm the most busy on weekends because I work and then I go to school on Monday. Tuesday to Friday are the days when I can relax, write fics and fangirl :P

I had such a bad day at work. Seriously, officially, I only have one boss. But there's like four other people who are technically "above me", and they all tell me to do things differently, so the others are pissed and I have to listen to their endless rants. Plus, it was fucking busy today, I had so much work to do, but I couldn't do it, because they kept calling me to take the 3rd register because there were too many customers.
To top it all, there was a new girl to train today. Like we have time to do that. But mostly: dear boss, you say you can't give me more than 10 hours a week, yet YOU FUCKING HIRE A NEW GIRL? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???

Okay, end of rant, I'm sorry you have to put up with this.
Now I'm feeling so much better. Recipe to cheer up: take a long shower while listening to Glee songs and singing at the top of my lungs, then have a nice glass of white wine. <3
(Adding a little [livejournal.com profile] sunshine_flying to the mix would only be a cherry on top, but I wouldn't say no *wink wink*
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You guys, I can't believe my muse at the moment! I'm working on three WIPs, and I have ideas lined up for two other fics, I can't stop writing and I love it!

I only have problems with my first Klaine fic, Sleigh Ride, which is already 7 chapters long, but isn't finished and I kinda lost interest in it. I mean, it's a Christmas fic, I'm a bit over that now (just want to write warm and sunny things, so sick of winter!), but I feel bad leaving it hanging like this, without proper closure... If some of you have read it and have any ideas how I could end it, feel free to tell me! (Also, I already wrote a bit of the next chapter, which is another surprise Kurt has for Blaine, but it's way too short to post it like this.)

Moving on to my other ideas which are going well, I'm working on a verse! I got the idea for two fics that could use the same setting, so I'm working on a verse where I can set them. It's based on Finn/Kurt that are in love but can't be together for various reasons, so Kurt is with Blaine and Finn is with Rachel.

And I can't resist sticking Finn in whatever I'm writing. I started a fic exploring how very much alike Blaine and Burt are, and obviously, I have to tell it from Finn's POV. I love him, and I miss him, and I have so much fun writing it, so I couldn't leave him out.

I'm also gonna try my hand at filling a Blaine/Finn prompt, I hope it will go well. I'm a bit anxious, because even if I love that ship, I haven't read much about them, so my headcanon is pretty blank, I don't know how I'm gonna write them together...

tl;dr: I love writing and it's going well. And I love Finn. :P


Mar. 13th, 2011 08:27 pm
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I've already seen (twice!) a Chris Colfer lookalike at school, and I've seen a Max Adler lookalike at work.

Today, at work, I saw... a Darren Criss lookalike! *swoons*

Of course the resemblance isn't perfect, but I think it's safe to assume that I'm so obsessed dedicated that I see Glee wherever I go.

And I totally don't hang out at the same place each Monday around 5h30 in hope to see pseudo!Chris again.
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Today was great, it was pretty relax, so I worked on my voyeur!Finn fic, which is coming soon :D

I also baked grean tea cupcakes, I can't wait to taste them, but they look awesome! :D

Take a bite of my heart tonight )

Now, I'm off to watch Rent with my boyfriend, I watched the first half last night, it's awesome!!!

That's one thing that's great with Glee, it has introduced me to so much great stuff, like musicals and bands that I wouldn't have been interested in if it weren't for Glee. I actually tried to make a list of those things, and it's so long! :D


Mar. 6th, 2011 04:11 pm
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That awkward moment when you try to write a fic from Karofsky's POV and you lose all the sympathy for him you'd managed to gain, because you have to rewatch the kiss scene and you're just heartbroken for Kurt.

*off to rewatch his scenes from the Superbowl episode*
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I'm totally writing a hot gay shower sex scene while my parents are in the next room and my door isn't closed.

Good thing they need reading glasses and that they're not so good in English.
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... an afternoon spent writing hot slash fanfiction with chocolate and a cup of tea. And Cory Monteith's voice in my ears. Can it get any better than this? *cue Darren Criss knocking on my door*
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Feb. 15th, 2011 04:36 pm
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I just changed my journal and profile layout, I love them, they are gorgeous!!!! Go check it out!

In other news, I'm so proud of all the fics I'm writing these days, I have so much inspiration, it's thrilling! Plus, I'm especially proud since I write them in English, my second language :)

Also, my Latin class is AWESOME, I love it and I love my teacher!

And I'll probably study English to French translation, starting next September. I think I'm gonna like it a lot.
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23 ans.

Baccalauréat en Histoire. 4 ans de ma vie, qui servent à quoi? Un programme qui forme essentiellement des profs, et ça m'intéresse pas.

J'habite chez mes parents.

Je travaille dix heures par semaine dans une fruiterie.

Je fais partie de l'élite intellectuelle de la société. À quoi ça me sert?

J'ai des passions changeantes. Je ne crois pas pouvoir être assez passionnée par quelque chose pour le faire toute ma vie.

Changement de voie. Combien d'années d'études encore? Et où est-ce que ça va me mener.?

Sentiment d'échec.

Mes amis ont 20 ans. Ils sont humoristes, pigistes, animatrices de radio, planificatrices d'évènements, réalisateurs de vidéos corporatifs, avec des grands projets de société.

J'ai 23 ans. Je ne fais rien de mes journées. Ça paie pas gros. Ma plus grande réalisation, c'est un diplôme qui me sert à rien.

C'est bien beau, se rebeller contre le système, qui éduque nos enfants pour le savoir-faire et non le savoir. J'ai trois ans de savoir, et ça m'a coûté plus cher que ça me rapporte.

C'est bien beau se dire qu'on veut pas une carrière-une maison-un char de l'année-un chien-un spa-et 2.5 enfants. C'est bien beau se dire bohème. Tout ce que j'ai besoin c'est une petite jobine en Europe, histoire de voyager. Grosse nouvelle, ça prend des sous pour voyager.

Comment ils font, ces mêmes amis qui partent à l'autre bout du monde trois fois par année? (Et qui trouvent quand même l'argent pour se saoûler deux fois par semaine.)

Il y a deux ans, moi aussi je rushait à la fin de la session. J'en pleurais, je me couchais à 3 heures pour terminer mes travaux. Pourquoi? Pour un bout de papier et quelques connaissances? Maintenant, je me pogne le cul, je refresh sans cesse LJ, pour voir s'il y a du nouveau.

On me dit que je suis bonne en graphisme. Ai-je vraiment envie de retourner trois ans au cegep (en grève tout le temps, c'est quand même le Vieux), pour me faire engager par des gens qui veulent des choses laides?

Je suis bonne en langues. Est-ce que j'aimerais faire de la traduction? J'en sais rien.

Mais il faut lâcher les illusions. C'est bien beau apprendre, aller à l'école pour ne pas rester chez moi à rien faire, mais ça coûte des sous. Un jour ou l'autre va bien falloir avoir un plan de carrière. Parce qu'on peut pas se faire vivre par ses parents et son chum éternellement. Surtout quand il n'a pas de job.
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Inspired by Gala Darling

Those past weeks, I love...

Summer dresses – I have four new dresses, a red one, a green one, a red tye-dye one, and a peacock-feathers patterned one. I love them and I feel so pretty when I wear them!

Coconut-vanilla moisturizing cream – I got one for free when I bought some panties at aerie. I usually dislike coconut, but this cream smells really good.

New job anticipation – I’m not happy at my current job, so I’m job hunting, and I love picturing myself at a new place, hoping they’ll call me, etc.

Trois-Rivières – I had Monday and Tuesday off last week, so I had a little road-trip with my boyfriend. We had dinner in Repentigny, slept in an hotel in Trois-Rivières and visited some historical buildings.

My Spanish class is ending -  I really like learning new languages, but I was not in the mood this semester, with my job taking all my time, so I’m kinda glad it’s ending next week.

Reading – With my job so far away, I have a lot of time to read on my commute, and I read at work too, hidden behind a history of New-France book. I recently read Around the World in 80 days, and discovered I really like Jules Verne. I also just finished Le Baron Perché, by Italo Calvino, and it was so interesting! It’s about a boy who, at age 12, climbs up a tree in rebellion against his parents and society and ends up spending his whole life, never setting foot on the ground again.

My boyfriend’s new tattoo – It’s sexy, and I designed it myself. Enough said.

Birthday party anticipation – My birthday’s July 5. I can’t wait! Mega party!!!

Color-changing fountains – There was a great one in a park next to our hotel in Trois-Rivières.

Being good at video games – I kicked my friend’s ass in Star Wars: Force Unleashed on the Wii, and usually, I’m not that good at video games.

Fanfiction writing – I got back my inspiration by writing an awful piece based on my life with me as a Mary Sue. I’ll obviously never publish it, but my inspiration kicked in, and I wrote better stuff. (See also: I have lots of free time at my job.)

Dancing – I’ve been called “First Star of the Night” by my friends because I was the one who never took a break and kept dancing all night long when we went clubbing.

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Stolen from Laury )
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So, remember when I told you about Mathias Mental? Well, I went to his CD launching last night, and it was so fun! He played songs from both his albums and it was great! The crowd was nice too, clapping and singing (well it was mostly his friends, so they knew the songs :P)
I don't want to have to tell you again, GO GIVE HIM SOME LOVE, HIS SONGS ARE GREAT!!! :D

And tonight is the wrap party for the completing of Alpha Omega, the movie Bobby was working on this semester. They will show most of the movies they made, and some other personnal projects of the guys on the team.
And it's beautiful outside, and weather forecasts says it will be warm, so I'll wear my yellow dress!!! ^_^

And even though the winter semester is still not finished (thanks to the teachers' strike) the summer one just began, and I'm taking Rome: History and Civilisation, with a really great teacher! She's so crazy (in a good way) and she gave me a great idea of subject for the paper we have to do. We must do a bibliography (cause we don't have enough time in a month and a half to do that AND write the actual paper), and she told me I could do it on "perception of Antique Rome in movies", like Spartacus, Gladiator, Ben Hur, etc... I can't wait to work on it! But... I have a Greek translation due Wednesday, a take-home Egypt exam due Thursday, and I still gotta work on my 30 pages essay due on  June 15.

So, yeah, basically that was almost a Things I Love Thursday.
Except we're Friday. :P

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Long time no see, huh?

Since the last time... I changed my LJ layout, and I love it! [personal profile] poire_gourmande

I went to a show last night, it was really nice, and there was this singer who's got great talent, Mathias Mental. He's from Montreal, he mostly sings in English, and I bought his first album, and I plan to go to the launch of his second one Thursday. All of his songs are available for listening and free downloading on his site, so you really got nothing to lose, go and give him some love!

All right, so in my life, what's going on?
I'm just so sick of working at the toyshop, I can't do it anymore... I was at 8,75$/h, 0,25$ above the minimum wage. Now the minimum wage rose to 9$, but I know my boss, he won't raise me to 9,25$, I'll stay at 9$, like all the new girls, even though I was there for 2 years and a half... I'm trying to get a real job, closer to what I want to do, which pays well, like 12-15 bucks an hour. I wanted to wait till my year off, to have finished my Bac, but I can't wait anymore. Plus, I have only 2 classes at the fall semester (monday and tuesday), so I can fit it easily in a work schedule. So now I'm looking for a place to work: museums, book stores, library, etc.I really wish it will work out!. There's this bookstore, not far from the Uni, which sells mostly travel guides, and they're hiring now, so I guess I'll give it a go!

Those days, I had great conversations with friends, and it really helped me, not in a "I now know what I wanna do when I grow up" way, but more in a "I now know what I DON'T wanna do when I grow up" way. I really don't feel like doing 9-5, 40 hrs a week, in a cubicule, to come back to my house / husband / 2 children / golden retriever / 2 cars / pool and spa. I don't want to wake up at 45, feeling I've just thrown 20 years of my life down the drain living a life I don't love. I'd want to go live 1 year in Paris, working in a bakery / museum / etc., even at the Louvre, why not? and then come back in Quebec for a while, return to Europe, working at the National Museum of Heraklion (Crete), coming back here, and then return for an archaeological trip, I dunno!
I know it won't be an easy choice, I'm a girl who really needs her routine, but I've got to learn to let go, and not letting it stop me jumping on occasions. It's just easier to make this choice at 22, than at 45, when you basically lived a life you hated for the past twenty years.

I came across this quote, by Gala Darling, and it really sums up what I'm thinking right now:
Opportunities are spinning our way all the time. We can choose to live a life that scares and delights us, or we can choose to allow someone else’s view to control us.
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I sold my guitar!!!
I asked for 120$, the guy offered me 100$, SOLD!!!

Woot Woot!!!
Now, who wants roller blades?

I'm so happy, I had such a great day!
It was beautiful outside, with a warm 20'C. I went to McGill's and Université de Montréal's library, for my big essay, and it was nice! Bobby went with me, and we didn't get lost, and those libraries are beautiful!
We went to my favorite mexican restaurant for lunch (3 Amigos), it was delicious. And we went to Van Houtte and ate a fabulous Raspberry-Mango sherbet, and there was a guy playing piano wonderfully.
And tonight, I'm going out with Julien for a beer, it's gonna be fun! And I'm wearing a skirt, JOY!!!
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So, I thought, instead of emo-ing because I'm all alone, I'd go and rent a movie. Videotron had super deals on all the movies I wanted, it was so hard to resist buying em all! I settled on 3 for 15$, 27 Dresses, Step Brothers, and Un été sans point ni coup sur, that my mom wanted me to rent. I couldn't not buy 27 Dresses, I mean, the case is neon pink!!!! And Step Brothers has Will Ferrell in it, and I'm such in a Ferrell mood lately! Well, before I hated him for no reason (never seen one of his movie), but Mom was watching Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy the other day, and I was like "Wow, I know all of the actors", and "Shit, this looks so ridiculous!", so Bobby bought it, and I'm completely nuts about this movie! So I want to see all of his flicks (Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, (I mean, isn't that the best title of all time, or what?), etc.)

Plus, Mom told me to buy some candies with the cash she gave me. Gummy Bears!!!!!

Whoopee!!! (and this time, I totally mean it.)

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I was supposed to have a super busy week end, which was good, cause Bobby is working Fri-Sat-Sun from 4 to midnight.
Well, scratch that. Party on Thursday didn't worked out as I said, we postponed it til Saturday. Joanie decide she didn't want to see Thomas, so she said she wouldn't come. Thomas would not arrive til 11, and Bobby til 12h30. So I called the party off. I was supposed to see Julien tonight, but he had other plans which weren't really clear or sure, but that turned out to be sure this morning. So he was like, "I probably won't go with them, I have no money, etc.", but then he changed his mind! So I'm left all alone, all the week end.
I mean, he was going with 3 other friends! If he didn't go, they still have each other! But me? I'm left all alone, or, like, with my parents... tsk.
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So, the teachers voted to continue the strike until April 14. My student association (Humanities) is still on strike, but the Languages and Communication student association voted against it. So, I guess I have to go to my German class tonight. I'll spent the afternoon at the library, I'll try to finish that essay so I can work on the other one I have to write.

I wanted to have a nice party at my house on Thursday with 4-5 friends, because of the Easter holidays, but Thomas can't be there. It really won't be the same without him. And we can't have it the other days, because Bobby works until midnight on Fri-Sat-Sun... I'm so pissed at Thomas, but I really shouldn't because it's the only time in the week he gets to see his girlfriend... But then again, I said last Saturday we were going to do something on Thursday, so I'm pissed he forgot and made other plans.
What really pisses me off, is that when you invite people many days before, they forget and make other plans. When you called them last minute, they can't because they have other plans!

Whatever dude, I'm starting to wonder if you really want to see me!
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Well, that was a nice weekend!
Thursday, went to Le Saint-Ciboire with Bobby and some friends, had some beer :D
Friday, my best friend came home with her other best friend I didn't know and didn't really wanted to know. It went great, she's really nice, we played a drinking game (with Bobby drinking only water XD)
Saturday, Bobby and his best friend had to go to the library to do some school work, and I figured it would be much more easy for me to write my essay if I go with them (less distractions, yay!). Plus I got to see Thomas (the aforementioned best friend), and the three of us went to dinner at Les Trois Brasseurs (yummy!!!). Bobby and I had a nice evening alone, watching The Truman Show :D
Sunday, I worked, I got to play Clue Jr. with my coworker :D. Watched You've Got Mail and National Treasure with Bobby.

In other news, UQAM teachers are on strike since 20 days now, and the students voted the strike too, to support them. It's nice not having classes, I guess, but since 2004 (when I started CEGEP), somebody (students, teachers, etc.) was on strike at least once every semester... I feel like even if I got good grades in almost all of my classes, I miss an incredible amount of learning, because semesters had to be amputated in order to finish on time... The thing is, (when it's a student strike) they are on strike to fight against school fees rise. However, I paid for classes I didn't even get, because we are on strike. I'd much prefer paying what they are asking, and have a complete semester than protesting about it and missing something I paid for. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's because I'm only thinking about me, and not those who will go to school after me and will have to pay much more. Well, what can I say? Going on strike is supposed to be kind of a last resort thing, when you tried everything else. Those days, they go on strike first. (Let's just say I'm only talking about the students here. I'm well aware that UQAM teachers didn't go on strike since the 70's, and that they are the worst payed in Quebec.)

Now, let's forget for a while that my school is fucked up, and let's marvel at this: I'm almost finished with my Bachelor's degree!!! After this semester, I've got to take Rome: History and Civilisation in the summer intensive semester (May-June, and then I have normal summer holidays!). I then have Antique Philosophy and History of Ecology and Environment in the Fall semester. And then.... it's done!!! I will then take a year and a half off school, working, piling up money, and traveling. In May 2010, I plan to go to Disneyland with Bobby!
After that time off, I'll go back to school for a Master's Degree. After that, it'll be likely that Bobby's gonna have finished his Bachelor's degree, and we'll maybe go live a year or so in France, work there, and see the rest of Europe.

Until then, well, I'm supposed to go to Gaspésie in August with Bobby, Thomas and some other friends. The guys went there last year, and they had a whole lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh, and I bought a spring coat on Etsy! With the shipping, it cost me 30$CAD, and it belonged to the wife of a senator from Illinois in the 50s-60s!

So, that's it, guys! Waddya think? Should I write posts like this, where I talk about my life, more often?


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