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Oooh, this week was a nice one! :D

- First time drinking outside with friends this year! Sangria, pink sunglasses, friends, that was just awesome :)

- Had another wine date with Tiff yesterday, it was super fun, and I discovered she had yet another hidden talent: she's awesome at ASL and she signs songs from Glee. Seriously, girl, could you ever be any more talented?

- Klainers meet-up tomorrow, and I'll have a surprise for you guys! :D

- My Finn/Mike fic is done, I just need to type it and find a title!

- I'm totally in love with The Social Network, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. Seriously, thanks to Sam who strongly encouraged me to watch it and then sent me the link to a masterpost with all things Jesse/Andrew.
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Almost forgot that we're Thursday! :D

So, this week, I loved:

- That someone came up with the name MockingGavel for the ship Wes/Thad :D

- That someone is writing Wes/Thad to begin with :P

- My tickets for Glee live came in the mail, and there's only 65 days left! I can't believe it!

- I got my copy of The Book of [Even More] Awesome I've won in a twitter contest, and it's amazing :)

- Blueberry, almond and hazelnut milk chocolate. I don't even like milk chocolate that much, but this one is yummy!

- Bought The Social Network and I'm gonna watch it for the first time tonight. I will finally be able to ship Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield based on more than some gifs I saw on tumblr :P

- Reading CrissColfer rpf fics in bed when I wake up. I think this pairing is really soft and warm, it reminds me of a lazy summer afternoon, it's perfect to wake up. Seriously, the fic could be set at night, in a party, or something, I still get a sunny feeling from the pairing, and I can't explain why.
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This week, I loved...

- My boyfriend took me for breakfast at Cora's this morning :) Yummy, but now it's 1h30 and I'm still not hungry for lunch :P

- Gonna have dinner tonight with friends to plan our summer trip!

- Discovered how talented and awesome Brock Baker and Dominic Barnes are <3 <3 <3 Seriously, check them out on youtube, totally worth it.

- My interview at David's Tea went very well, I'm gonna get news by the weekend.

- My Artie/Kurt fic is going well, and I think it's gonna be really hot :P

- I designed Dalton buttons and they are gorgeous, I can't wait to make them.

- I also designed the header for my friends' political group website, if you wanna check the kind of stuff I do. Refresh the page too, it's awesome because the quote changes at random.
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Things that made me smile (or downright squee), this week:

- I GOT MY PINK FREAKING DCRISS SUNGLASSES (yeah, I know, you must be sick of hearing about them now, but still.)

- I've got an interview for that job at the tea shop tomorrow!

- I spent the best night ever drinking white wine, writing fanfiction and talking nonsense with [livejournal.com profile] sunshine_flying and it was awesome. (Plus, I forced her to get a tumblr. WIN! :P)

- I think I've got an idea for that Artie/Kurt fic I must write. For now, I'm filling some prompts for the 1 sentence meme, and it's getting me aquainted with the pairing, I like it a lot.

- I was watching Friends with my bf yesterday (We've just began season 5, I love it!) and OMG Figgins was there, he played a doctor!!! Couldn't stop laughing!
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For those of you who are new here *waves*, I often do a post on Thursdays inspired by Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday. It's basically a round-up of the little (or big) things that made you smile that week.
Because I fail at life, I forgot to do it yesterday, so here, have a Things I Love Friday, instead!

- GLEE!!! Okay, I'm gonna put all I loved about it under that point, because otherwise it would take over the whole post. So, The Kiss, the songs, everything, really. Plus the fact that I finally go [livejournal.com profile] friv0lity to start watching it :P

- Writing about Finn/Blaine (okay, I cheated and I talked about Glee again :P). Seriously, I love exploring this relationship and writing drunk!Blaine.

- Joining Tumblr. Seriously, did I join it at the best time ever, or what? Right before The Kiss! (Which, as you can see, will be forever capitalized. At least I calmed down on the caps lock.)

- I dreamt about Hermione last night. She was at Dalton in a red Dalton sweater. Don't remember the rest, except that I was walking outside, it was sunny and I was in short sleeves. Can you tell I'm sick of winter?

- Wearing green for St. Paddy's even though I didn't step out of the house.

And honestly, if you're bored on Thursdays, do a post like this. It's so therapeutic, and it helps you focus on the good stuff. Also take a look at <a href="http://galadarling.com/>Gala Darling's website</a>. First, the design is gorgeous, plus she's writing a lot about happiness and self-love, she's awesome.
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It's been a great week! I have so much to list!

- Went to see I Am Number Four with my boyfriend. It was great, I didn't even know what it was about, but I wanted to see Dianna Agron in it. She was gorgeous and stunning, and I loved her character.

- Got new flavours of tea, and they're delicious! Purple acai with blueberry, raspberry passion fruit, and island mango and peaché So yummy :D

- I'm still on a roll with my writing, and I'm starting to be more daring, writing characters I don't really know. I'm currently working on a Karofsky-centric one, and I'm pretty proud of it.

- I love my fake Moleskine notebook :)

- I ordered my pink DCriss sunglasses, I can't wait to get them!

- Went for mexican food with my friends last night, then we went to the pub and got so drunk on sangria :P
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This week, I love:

-My tea addiction: 4 cups a day of white berry-flavored fijian tea.
-Writing in a gorgeous little black book.
-I'm so proud of my fanfiction writing! I have two chapter fics in progress, I finished three one-shots, and it's actually good, if you compare them to my old HP fics.
-My boyfriend bought me macarons for Valentine's Day, it was so yummy!
-I watched Glee dubbed in French last night. It was so baaaaad, but I couldn't tear myself away from the TV, even though I already saw this episode OVER 9000 times.
-This week's episode was AWESOME
-Went to a great party for my friend's birthday, it was so fun!
-Planning a Montreal Klainers meet-up. I never met anyone from the Internet in real life, I'm kinda nervous, but I'm really excited too.
-My sister-in-law gave birth this weekend to a gorgeous little baby girl!
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- A Very Glee Christmas! I watched the episode yesterday, and today I spent the day reading Kurt/Blaine fanfics. They are so adorable together, I spent the day squeeing!

- Christmas being just around the corner

- Going Christmas shopping with my boyfriend tomorrow

- My holiday dress from last year still fits me!

- I downloaded a karaoke software, so I can sing from my own living room :)
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This week, I love...

- How I Met Your Mother! I just started watching it, and I've almost finished the 2nd season. It's SO good!
- Boyfriend took me shopping and bought me two new tunics and 7 BSC books!
- Christmas is right around the corner! I can't wait!
- I had a blast at my party this weekend, it was legen- wait for it... - DARY!
- I had a really good talk about Harry Potter with a girl in my class! I never meet HP fans in real life, so it was really nice!
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This week, I love...

- Deathly Hallows. I won't spoil those who haven't seen it yet, but I loved it, I cried my eyes out, and I would have watch the second part on the spot.
- Rereading the Harry Potter series. I'm almost finished with the second book.
- Christmas anticipation! I'm starting to organized my Secret Santa gifts exchanges, and I can't wait!
- My new handbag who looks like a Chanel!
- Shopping + Deathly Hallows + Restaurant with my boyfriend <3
- Seeing my family for my mother's birthday.
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This week, I love...

- Glee: I started watching it this weekend, and I watched the entire first season in three days, and I started watching it a second time with my boyfriend. I love it, and I'm completely addicted to it! (And I need a Glee icon)

- I scored more than 100% in my Latin exam! (Because of the bonus question!) I'm great at it and I love it!

- Every Monday night, before my Latin class, I meet my friend for dinner and a glass of white wine, it so great and relaxing, and we can talk about anything.

- My Latin teacher is gorgeous, funny, she has a sexy French accent AND she loves Harry Potter! Perfect woman? :P

- The cast of Glee will release a Christmas album shortly, I can't wait!

- I just finished my Harry Potter movies festival. I wanted to watch them all before Deathly Hallows. And I couldn't help rereading the series, I'm currently reading Philosopher's Stone.
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  • Pumpkin pie for breakfast - My dad makes the best one!
  • Doing really well on my Latin exam, I don't have the correction yet, but I'm pretty sure I aced it!
  • Shopping with my boyfriend - I found great wool tights, so I will keep my tunic+tights look this winter! Plus, he found a gorgeous sweater for himself. Miam!
  • Planning to make a sitcom with my best friends.
  • My Hieroglyphics class tonight got cancelled, I've the whole day just for me!
  • First snow of the year!
  • Instrumental Christmas music to concentrate on my Latin studying.
  • Celebrating my friends birthday 2 times in 3 days and drinking way to much.
  • Friends getting in new relationships (awwww)
  • Spending a week in a cabin in the woods, cooking for my favorite boys and cuddling in front of the fireplace.
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This week, I love...

- Getting new panties in the mail! Including my first pair of lace panties! OMG I feel so sexy with them on!
- Planning a road trip and a week in a cabin with my closest friends.
-Buying with my boyfriend his parents' old car.
- My job!
- Saying I love my job! It has been more than a year since I had a job I loved!!!
- What I Like About You, Amanda Bynes and Jenny Garth, and references to Beverly Hills 90210!!!
- My mixed martial arts class starts on Friday!
- Somebody bought something at the bakery near my job, and forgot it on my counter. I got to keep it since they didn't come back, and it was... macaroons!!!!!
- Seeing Deathly Hallows preview when I go to the movies.
- Drinking white wine with a friend, and pretending to be bourgeois.
- The utter easiness of my Latin class. Probably because I already took Ancient Greek, but I do the exercises in like 10 minutes while the rest of the class needs more than half an hour...
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I just love doing this every Thursday, it's such a great idea of Gala Darling!

This week, I loved...

- My new job! I work at a fruit market which is a five minutes walk from my house. My first job, 6 years ago, was at the same place, but at the bakery, and I'm so glad to go back there! Customers recognize me, as well as old coworkers! It's so refreshing, not having to worry about bus schedules and getting home late!

- Thrift shops! I went to Value Village with my boyfriend and I got 5 tops/dresses and two books for 50$ :D

- Party planning! I'm throwing a party tomorrow night for a friend who just came back from South America! I can't wait to see all my friends!

- Heat! Event though it's almost fall, we are currently in the middle of a heat wave! I'm so glad because the first one fell while I was still working, and then it wasn't as hot when I was on vacation, so I didn't swim that much, and now I can! I missed my bathing suit so much!

- New credit card! My old one expired, and although I loved it so much (it pictured a blue and orange pirhanna!), I could chose the picture of the new one, and it's gonna have a greek temple on it! :D
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- Getting a new job in a candy shop, then beign offered that job I wanted all summer long at the fruit market! The market is a 5 minutes walk away from my house! I’m quitting the candy shop tonight.

- My new gorgeous dress: it’s purple and black striped, has pockets, and was on sale!

- Getting postcards from all over the world with postcrossing.com

- Going for coffee with one of my “ex-friends”, talking about how we felt, and being friends again!

- Planning a back-to-school and welcome back party!

- I just began watching the 5ht season of Beverly Hills 90210 with my boyfriend.

- Scott Pilgrim VS. the World. Totally rad.

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Inspired by Gala Darling

This week I love...

- Summer dresses - Yeah, I know, I said that last time, but with the heat wave we just have, that's pretty much all that I can wear, and I don't complain at all!
- My yellow umbrella - It's like carrying around my very own sunshine!
- Unplanned drinking nights with close friends
- Skinny-dipping
- My last day at my job is Sunday!
- Floating in the pool on inflated toys, reading
- Going to Quebec City in a week!
- My new cellphone with a Querty keyboard
- Karaoke nights!
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Inspired by Gala Darling

Those past weeks, I love...

Summer dresses – I have four new dresses, a red one, a green one, a red tye-dye one, and a peacock-feathers patterned one. I love them and I feel so pretty when I wear them!

Coconut-vanilla moisturizing cream – I got one for free when I bought some panties at aerie. I usually dislike coconut, but this cream smells really good.

New job anticipation – I’m not happy at my current job, so I’m job hunting, and I love picturing myself at a new place, hoping they’ll call me, etc.

Trois-Rivières – I had Monday and Tuesday off last week, so I had a little road-trip with my boyfriend. We had dinner in Repentigny, slept in an hotel in Trois-Rivières and visited some historical buildings.

My Spanish class is ending -  I really like learning new languages, but I was not in the mood this semester, with my job taking all my time, so I’m kinda glad it’s ending next week.

Reading – With my job so far away, I have a lot of time to read on my commute, and I read at work too, hidden behind a history of New-France book. I recently read Around the World in 80 days, and discovered I really like Jules Verne. I also just finished Le Baron Perché, by Italo Calvino, and it was so interesting! It’s about a boy who, at age 12, climbs up a tree in rebellion against his parents and society and ends up spending his whole life, never setting foot on the ground again.

My boyfriend’s new tattoo – It’s sexy, and I designed it myself. Enough said.

Birthday party anticipation – My birthday’s July 5. I can’t wait! Mega party!!!

Color-changing fountains – There was a great one in a park next to our hotel in Trois-Rivières.

Being good at video games – I kicked my friend’s ass in Star Wars: Force Unleashed on the Wii, and usually, I’m not that good at video games.

Fanfiction writing – I got back my inspiration by writing an awful piece based on my life with me as a Mary Sue. I’ll obviously never publish it, but my inspiration kicked in, and I wrote better stuff. (See also: I have lots of free time at my job.)

Dancing – I’ve been called “First Star of the Night” by my friends because I was the one who never took a break and kept dancing all night long when we went clubbing.

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Oh, I'm so happy today!!!

- I went shopping with my sister-in-law (who's also a great friend) yesterday, we went to a thrift shop and we ate at Pacini! For 50$, I got: three shirts (a purple one, a red one, and a green and brown with 70's patterns on it, which long enough to wear with leggings without showin my butt!), a cardigan, a pair of almost new black heels which are so comfy, and 6 books!
- I can't wait to read those books! So far I've read Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume and I adored it so much! And I just started George Orwell's Animal Farm and it looks great! After that, I'll read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlotte's Web, Comme un roman (Daniel Pennac) and Zazie dans le métro (Raymond Queneau).
- I just downloaded a whole bunch of girly music, and I realize that I already knew a lot of the songs. Alanis Morissette, Meredith Brooks, Vanessa Carlton, Colbie Caillat, Sheryl Crow, Nelly Furtado, I love it! <3
- I'm going for a pint with some friends tonight and I'm so looking forward to see them!
- I'm feeling so pretty with my psychedelic green top, black leggings, my new heels, and green jewelry! ^_^
- I've planned a night alone with my boyfriend for tomorrow! ^_^
- With my friends, we've organized a Secret Santa gift exchange, and I can't wait for the Christmas dinner with them!
- In less than a month, I'll be done with school for a year and a half, I will have my Bachelor's degree!
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  • Quesadillas at Los Tres Amigos, a mexican restaurant near my uni. For seven bucks, I get soup, salad rice, and wondefully yummy quesadillas!
  • My baccalauréat is almost finished!!! I'll take Rome: History & Civilisation at the intensive summer semester (May 4 to June 23, twice a week); and Ancient Philosophy and a History of Sciences class (either Science and technology or Environment and ecology) this fall. All that is missing is Ancient Occident Religions, but it's never on. I'll ask if I can replace it by Ancient Near East Religions I already took. I don't really want for one class to finish my bac...
  • Teachers at uni are on one day-strikes, so I didn't have class Wednesday, nor today, and next week is Spring Break!!! Woot!
  • I have a new red purse!
  • I have a long list of movies to see: 27 Dresses, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Burn After Reading, Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Sexdrive, Be Kind, Rewind, Kung Pow, Sidney White, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Mall Cop, Indiana Jones (all of them), He's Just Not That Into You.
  • I finished Beverly Hills 90210, Season 4, but now I can't wait to have Season 5!!!
And... that's all, folks!
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  • I chose my subjects for my research class! I have to chose more than one, in case somebody picked the same as me, we present them in alphabetical order (screw you, N-last name!). So here it goes, the first being my favorite:
        - Changes in the prestige of the great religious sanctuaries, in Greece, under the Roman Empire.
        - Changes and evolution in the entertaining habits of the Greek people, under the Roman Empire.
        - Panhellenic games under the Roman Empire.
  • I downloaded some great music (eurodance: La Bouche, Real McCoy, Culture Beat, 2Unlimited, Haddaway, etc.), and now I just want to ride my exercise bike, for the first time in like 2-3 weeks!
  • I just ordered a used copy of The Baby-Sitters Club, Super Special #3: Baby-Sitters'  Winter Vacation, which was my favorite one as a kid! And it costs only 3.56$CAD!!!
  • My boyfriend and I are watching 1-2 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 by night, and it's so good! I'm such an addict!
  • Saturday I went for cupcakes with my best friend, it was so yummy, I took a choco-orange one!
  • We then went to a restaurant with my coworkers (she worked with us before), it was so great! We spent the rest of the night at a little pool bar not for from my home, and we started a dancefloor! It was awesome! And gosh, I love coming back to home walking!
  • Everybody is loving my Mario and Yoshi tee!


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