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Prompt: Use a variety if sensory details to describe your favorite place in the world.

Word count: 292

Rating: PG


The best city in the world, because it is all the cities in the world. A city of diversity, a plural city.

The Quartier Latin, with its restaurants – Chinese, Mexican, Italian – its bars – punk, Irish, reggae – its schools, its people – students, artists, homeless.

The Quartier des spectacles, with its shops, restaurants, theaters. Ballet, festivals, music, an orgy of culture for everyone.

Chinatown, where you can’t tell if you’re still in Quebec or if you walked through a mystic portal and wound up in Asia. Sidewalk sales, inviting bakeries, whole lacquered ducks, not a word of French or English to be found.

The Plateau, with its overpriced – but oh so good – restaurants, its intellectuals, its hipsters, and the most gorgeous apartments you’ll ever see – but overpriced too.

The Old Port, with its buildings dating from the first days of the colony, where you can really see history before your eyes. With its paved streets dating from before cars existed, where you can’t walk in heels because it hurts. Where you can rent a pedal boat and struggle for ten minutes to learn how to steer it before your rental time is over. Where you can skate on the Bonsecours basin in the winter, and protest in the streets in the spring – Le Printemps Érable, they say!

Montreal is my city, a city of constant culture shock, where winter lasts six months, but where summer makes up for it with epic heat waves. A city with the most beautiful women in the world – because they’re from all over the world.

And the language – a fantastic mélange of French and English, with a bit of Québécois thrown in for good measure: music to my ears.

I’m in love with Montreal, does it show?
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Ça a commencé naïvement sur mon statut facebook et ça a donné quelque chose ressemblant à un cadavre exquis

Si par une nuit d'hiver un voyageur venait sonner chez vous pour vous demander s'il pourrait y trouver refuge afin de se protéger du froid en attendant la levée du jour, où il pourrait continuer ses pérégrinations vers le patelin voisin, où il doit rencontrer un compagnon de voyage. Si par un jour d'hiver un voyageur, à la croisée des chemins rencontrait une jeune femme, qui l'invitait, d'un sourire, à la suivre dans une clairière, non loin de la. Si par un jour d'hiver un voyageur lui prit la main et décida de l'accompagner vers ce refuge, alors plongeant ses yeux au fond des siens, elle sut que le printemps arriverait enfin!

(Merci à Tommy!)


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