poire_gourmande: (Finn / Kurt)
poire_gourmande ([personal profile] poire_gourmande) wrote2013-03-06 02:48 pm

Writing exercise 3 - Cash

Prompt: Brian Addison needed cash. And he needed it NOW!

Word count: 133

Rating: PG

Brian Addison needed cash. And he needed it NOW!

He racked his brain the whole night to think of ways to get some. He thought of many ways, but he could find flaws in most of them. He finally settled for an oldie, one that had proved its worth over the years. He knew his plan would work, and he woke up the next day ready to take over the world.

He went over the supplies he needed: a table, a chair, and a wooden spoon, to name a few. Satisfied, he decided he was ready to take action. He set the table outside, brought a full pitcher and glasses, and hung a sign that read:

Homemade Lemonade, 5 cents!

Brian really needed the new Transformer action figure that came out last week.

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